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Why I'm Coming to Our

June 15 - 17, 2012


There are probably more reasons to come to our Fiftieth Reunion than there are people in and associated with our class. If you are signing up to come (or if you already have signed up), could you share with us your reasons for coming? Here is what some classmates and friends have shared with us, in no special order...

If you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up here, and see who is already committed as well. Then tell us why you are coming to Darrow in 1012! Click here to submit your response.


Pete Loomis

I'm coming for the same reason everybody is coming...to see old friends!

Terry Duvall

I have not been very good about making the reunions. Mostly because I have been overseas for many years. I am coming to the 50th, because I want to find out what I have been missing, see some people I have not seen for many years and share stories.

Carl Braun

I’m looking forward to our 50th reunion because it’s the one great opportunity I get every five years to make a killing on selling cheap class shirts for big $ profits :-)

I received my training working four years in the school store – where I learned a great deal about retail marketing (see photo below). Later in life I used my experience to build gas stations, car washes, and retail centers…

I also want to return once again to be with those who have become my friends of a life-time.

Howdy Davis

Ah, yes, my very first class of '62 reunion!

I recall vividly those pangs of angst: "Will anyone remember me?" I wondered, "Will they even recognize me? ... or worse, "what if I don't recognize someone?" Well, that was was 40 years ago, our 10th reunion [a prior engagement with my local draft board had precluded my attending our 5th]. As it turns out, no one had really changed at all -- well not much -- not me anyway -- and it was a hoot; it felt great.

In succeeding reunion years, my original apprehension gradually transformed to an anticipatory excitement driving up the now-paved Shaker Road. "Will they remember me, or even recognize me?" ... or "what if I don't recognize anyone?" Not to worry. It's always a hoot and feels great!
Similarly, each successive reunion has become more and more exhilarating and truly rejuvenating, hanging out for a whole weekend with all those old guys who haven't really changed a bit. I expect our 50th will be the most exhilarating yet.

Now, if I can just figure a way to lose a pound a week in a year and a half.

Ned Groth

Well, since I'm organizing it, it'd be embarrassing if I didn't make it, No? Seriously, I have found each past major reunion to be a major joyous life moment, a chance to reconnect with guys I grew up (somewhat) with at Darrow, and especially to see some of you again for the first time in 25, 40, or 45 years. Even though we've been held loosely together by newsletters and phonathons and all that, there is nothing like being face-to-face. I have high hopes that we'll see several people at the 50th who are coming back for the first time. And I can hardly wait.

Carl Sharpe

I am coming because I have been looking forward to it since number 45. I want to see those people who were important to me when I was in my formative years. It will be a touchstone in my life, and I am hoping that I will see others who may not have made reunions in the past--ones with a less spectcular number than the big 50. It may not be our last chance to howl, but it is certainly a milestone and significant--and not to be missed. And I want to see if Howdy Davis can really lose all that weight before the 50th weekend.

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