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Reunions, 2014

Report by Ned Groth

I drove up to Darrow on Saturday, June 14 for reunions.  This was the 50th reunion for the Class of 1964, and they had a pretty good turnout of nine guys (see photo and caption for who’s who.) There were also some “special guests” who made the reunion extra memorable.

This would have been Ed McIlvain’s 50th, of course, and all four of his siblings came to the reunion to share their memories of Ed and to hear ours. Ed’s mother was married three times; he has two older brothers, David and John, also named McIlvain, then a younger half-brother, Miguel, a child of her second husband, and a half-sister, Sidney, from her third marriage. It was wonderful to meet Eddie’s family and to hear their stories of his life with them; it made me aware of how much I still miss him. In addition, Bob Schnackel ’64 also died as a result of his time in Vietnam—not over there, but years later, from cancer associated with having been exposed to Agent Orange. His sister, Kate (who is Darrow ’74) presented a flag that Bob had brought back from Vietnam, and which meant a lot to him, to the school.

Two (or maybe 1.5) other members of ’62 were there, Tom Bird (whom of course we share with ’63) and Denny & Joan Hopper. Tom had lots of entertaining stories I had not heard before about his parents’ adventures in South America, doing field research for the American Museum of Natural History, in the 1930s. Denny was honored by the school for his contributions, and he and Joan have had an adventurous year so far, highlighted by a trip to Burma (see Class News page for more). Chuck Currie and Bill Ewald from ’61 were also there, both seem to be doing well.

Lawrence Klein also gave me a letter Dick Nunley had sent to me c/o the school; see the Former Faculty News page for the scoop on that.

The photos below capture some of the highlights. Enjoy!


Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0005.JPG

The Class of ‘64’s 50th: Back row, l to r: Rik Ehmann, Bob Ridler, Bronnie Smith, David King. Middle row, Bob Harding, Brandy Lea, Dick Morse. Front, Doug Currie, Sky Bridgman.  The hats they are holding are their reunion “costumes.” (The photographer asked that they take them off for the photo.)


Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0020.JPG

After the meeting in the chapel, the McIlvain siblings posed with several members of the class.  Those not named in the first photo above are Ed’s sister Sidney (2nd from left), brother John (behind Dave King), brother David (3rd from right), and brother Miguel (far right.) Headmaster Simon Holzapfel is also in the photo, behind Sky Bridgman.


Photos below:

--Kate Schnackel (’74) presents the flag her brother Bob brought back from Vietnam to the Class of ’64 (Bronnie Smith), who in turn presented it to the school.

--Close-ups of Bronnie Smith, Sky Bridgman, Brandy Lea, John McIlvain, and Board of Trustees Chair Alexa Giddings ’74, who is retiring from the Board this year.

Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0012.JPG             Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0053.JPG          Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0056.JPG


Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0072.JPG          Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0069.JPG           Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Reunions\Reunions 2014\IMG_0060.JPG


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