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Various dates

(Contributed by Ned Groth)


This page displays photos from other Darrow gatherings, mostly those I’ve been part of, at various locations around the country, over a period of 30 years or so, arranged roughly in chronological order.  It will grow as time passes and new events are added.

(This page can also grow if others would like to submit their own photos.)



In May of 1975, John Joline was finishing his final year at Darrow, and we wanted to give him a special sendoff from the Class of ’62, his first graduating class.  Gathered with John and Jean for that occasion were Scott Leake; Bill, Matt and Joan Anthony; Alice Groth (with Ned behind the camera); Frank and Ellie Rosenberg; and Des McCracken.


4Left: Frank and Ellie, Ned and Alice (behind the camera this time) visited with John and Josey Ho at their weekend place Rhinebeck, in May of 1975.  Frank, Ellie, Alice and I were going up to Darrow for the event shown above.  Josey was nine months pregnant and couldn’t travel, but we stayed overnight with the Hos en route.

Below: No longer with Alice, I went to Alumni Weekend in 1977 or 1978.  Shown here are faculty member Steve Howard, my friend Judy Cummings, Howdy and Jerrie Davis, standing near Meacham House.
















In January of 1980, I went to Vermont, and stayed with Scott and Nancy Leake on their farm.  Left, my friend Jane Casey skiing with Scott, Bryan and Jeff. 


Right: The next day we drove over to Dummerston and had a visit with Charles and Sue Brodhead.





12On Alumni Day, 1980, I went up with my brother for his 15th reunion.  Frank, who was then a member of the Darrow Board of Trustees, chats here with Tim Gilbert ’63 and Tim’s wife; Horton Durfee can be seen in the background.  Below, Des McCracken visits with Van Selden ’60 and his wife during the picnic lunch.









In August 1980 I drove across the country to visit my family in New Mexico.  My route took me through Atlanta (where I visited Peter, John and Virginia Gorday); and Colorado (where Dave and Linda Benson, Anson and Mary Perina, Jim Brooks ’60 and I had dinner in Denver.















Later on that same trip, I went through Illinois and stayed with Pierre and Lynne Loomis.  Don and Marie Sutherland came out that evening for dinner.






This picture was taken by Frank Rosenberg, and shows Joe Coffee and his children, with John Castellani in the foreground. It was taken at John’s house on the grounds of Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home, where John was director for a decade or so.  From the age of the kids it must have been about 1981.






Frank and Ellie have visited with Joe and Laurie often over the years.  This was probably taken in 1981 or so, judging by Amy’s size.




Bob Lang had a party at his house in NJ in the spring of 1982.  In attendance: Dave Griswold, Gene and Colleen Cook, Ned Groth, and Lang, of course.  Carl Braun had hoped to make it but couldn’t swing it.






























1982, of course, was the year of our 20th reunion.  Dave Benson didn’t make it to the reunion, but in August that year, Sharon and I flew to Denver and drove down to New Mexico.  Along the way we stopped in to see Dave, and gave him his reunion T-shirt.







Ned’s wedding, July 1983.  Yes, that’s “Rabbi” Jim Wright (he performed the ceremony).  And you know the other three guys.









In 1991, my brother and I went down to cape Hatteras to scatter our mother’s ashes.  Afterwards we had lunch with Frank, who lived in the Norfolk area at that time.  (Photo by David Groth.)






1995 was the year of my brother’s 30th reunion, and I went up for Alumni Day.  Here I am with David and his wife, Andrea.


Below left, Jonathan Van Vorst ’60 came over from Pittsfield and brought his mother along.





Below, John Joline and Des McCracken were there, too.











Below left: On a business trip to Atlanta in 1996, Dave Griswold and I corralled Llew Haden for dinner (P.J. couldn’t join us).













In 2001, Sharon and I went to a meeting in Washington and had dinner at Joe and Laurie’s house.










This picture, from the Peg Board in 2003, shows Dick and Sue Nunley, Margie and John Joline, and Horton and Shirley Durfee at Reunions.






In August, 2002, my brother and his wife took a vacation bike trip in Vermont, and Sharon and I and our kids met them at Darrow for a weekend.  DesMcCracken makes the meat in a Groth sandwich.












August, 2004, I took a vacation in Colorado.  Dave Benson and Karen Nelson hosted a dinner party in honor of my visit, in Colorado Springs.  Attending were Dave and Dianne Hoon (they came down from Denver), Anson and Bev Perina (drove down from Fort Collins), Frank and Ellie Rosenberg (live in Colorado Springs), plus Dave, Karen, and I.  Here, the five musketeers.  Don’t we look like we’re holding each other up?  (Well, we had consumed a lot of good wine.)  Below left, Hoon; right, Anson with Karen.

















Llew Haden comes to New York fairly often for board meetings and such, and he often gets together with Huib. This time (summer 2005), I was able to join them, for dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant. Sorry you blinked at the wrong moment, Llew!



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