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June 15 - 17, 2012


Some of the Folks You’ll See at Our Fabulous 50th!

These photos, most of them from past reunions, are the guys who have altready said they are coming to the reunion. Some of us still look as youthful as in these older photos, while the rest, like fine wines, have gotten even better with age.

This was current as of October 1 and will be periodically updated to move people from the “not yet confirmed” category, below, into the “definitely coming” category. (No transfers in the opposite direction will be acknowledged, so don’t even think about it!)

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Anthony\scan0305.jpg

Bill Anthony, shown here at our 35th, has made all the major reunions, and he and Joan will be at this one, just before they leave on another outdoor vacation.  Chuck Arundale, at right, will be attending his first ’62 reunion and is excited about catching up with us all, coming all the way from Phoenix with his wife.


K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\30th Reunion\scan0176 - Copy.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\35th Reunion\scan0054 - Copy (2).jpg


Tom Bird, at right, makes reunions virtually every year, and although he doesn’t use e-mail and probably has never seen our web site, I’m confident he’ll be there. Carl Braun is seen at left at our 30th, before he designed those cool shirts for us. (If you don’t have one, let Carl know—we can order more.)



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Coffee\scan0034.jpg   K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Davis\singers.jpg

Joe Coffee hasn’t changed a bit from this photo. He and Laurie keep fit by chasing grandchildren and dogs. Howdy Davis and Carl Sharpe, shown at right crooning at our 20th, hope to reunite the Shakers at our 50th and join again in song.





Peter Deri will be staying at the house he and Jay Tanner own in Lenox; Loomis and maybe Golden will be staying there with them. Howdy Davis has been in touch with Steve Foote, who says he'll be there; Howdy may get a critical mass for his Shakers reunion!




K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Duvall\scan0053.jpg


Terry and Anita Duvall will be back from two years teaching, diving and adventuring in Viet Nam, and will attend their first reunion since the 35th. (They spent most of the intervening years in China, so they’re excused).  Peter Golden rejoined the Class five years ago, at the 45th, and will be here for the 50th; maybe this time we’ll meet Tina?



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Griswold\scan0253.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Groth\NedGroth-Finalcopy.jpg


Dave Griswold really hasn’t changed much over the years, and will keep his streak of six major reunions intact. Ned Groth has changed—he’s lost the ‘stache (after 25 years, Sharon finally told him it tickled.) Sharon married him in spite of meeting you guys at the 20th, and will be here this time too, to see if you’ve mellowed, if all goes according to plan.



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Haden\scan7.19 - Copy.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Haden\scan0075 - Copy.jpg


Huib Soutendijk started coming to reunions after he retired from the bank, and he’s gung-ho for this one. He and Kathy will be there, and he’s talked Llew Haden (you’d recognize that smile anywhere) into coming too! For Llew, this will be his first. They’re both hoping to persuade R.J. Brandes to come as well (see below).



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\30th Reunion\scan0176 - Copy (2).jpgK:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Hopper\ushuaia - Copy.jpg


Denny and Joan Hopper are definitely coming, and one of their goals is to make sure P.J. is there too. John Ho has been there for most of the major reunions and will be attending this year to celebrate with us again.




K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Hoon\scan0138 - Copy.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Lang\scan0304.jpg

Dave Hoon will also be attending his first reunion at Darrow, after coming so close (foiled by a car breakdown) to making the 45th. Dave’s shown here at a smaller class gathering at Dave Benson’s a few years ago. Bob Lang is one of our most regular attendees; this year he’s volunteered to bring the wine (so if you have preferences, let him know).



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\40th Reunion\scan0142 - Copy (2).jpg


Pete Loomis has made every major reunion, coming all the way from Illinois, driving solo, though he’d much rather take the train! Towner Lapp, shown here with Da Wop at Mario’s during our 30th,  will make the pilgrimage from Florida.




K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\30th Reunion\scan0217 - Copy.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Manchester\scan0055 - Copy.jpg


Gib and Margau Manchester will be there, en route from Ohio to their summer house in Maine, and hoping to see RJ. Anson Perina has been to all our major reunions and will be here this time too-with Bev, as a bonus!




K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Smith\scan0326.jpgK:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Rosenberg\scan0032 - Copy.jpg


Charlotte Smith will be there, with Kip’s ashes, and we’ll scatter them on the mountainside he loved, during the weekend.  Kip’s stepson and brother also hope to take part. If you want to see a more recent shot of Frank Rosenberg (he hasn’t changed a lot), check out the many travelogues he’s posted on the Class news page. Frank and Ellie will be making the trek from Colorado Springs.



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Other Reunions\scan0139 - Copy.jpg


Jay Tanner hasn’t told us himself that he’s coming, but Deri is pretty sure he’s coming, and that’s good enough for us! Dave Benson and wife Karen will be coming to the reunion. Dave is preparing a class photo scrapbook, and he needs your contribuitions!






Ron Wright will be making a day trip from his home in Saratoga Springs, NY, to join us on Saturday at the reunion. This will be his first time back, and we are excited that he is going to be with us.







Former Faculty Planning to Attend


C:\Users\Ned\Desktop\scan0001.jpgF:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Durfee\Horton.jpg


Horton Durfee has told Nancy Wolf that he would live very much to attend, and the school is working with him to help ensure that he can. Don Beaver plans to drive down from Williamstown on Saturday, as he did last year for 1961’s 50th.



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Rabbi\wrights - Copy.jpg

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Other Former Faculty\scan0073 - Copy.jpg


Des McCracken still lives near campus, and though age has slowed him down, he has high hopes of being there. Jim “Rabbi” Wright will time his trip from their year-round home in North Carolina to their summer place in Maine so he can “rest” for a couple of days with us in mid-June.



F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Swenson\at 62's40th.jpg

Steve Swenson, shown here at our 40th, plans to stay with relatives in Williamstown and ride his bicycle over to Darrow for the reunion on Saturday.





Some More Folks You Might See—They Haven’t
Made Up Their Minds Yet!




R.J. Brandes had a visit from Llew in December. R.J., shown here tightly cropped (Llew says Gloria is now out of the picture), hasn’t made up his mind yet whether he’s coming.



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Gorday\scan0080 - Copy.jpg


Pete Gorday would like to come but can’t schedule things that far in advance, so we’ll keep checking back with him.





Jack Loveland (shown here in our freshman yearbook!) will try to schedule a trip to see his grandkids in western NY so he can stop in at our reunion during the weekend.




Jim Mithoefer, in this ski team photo from sophomore year, hopes he can drive down on Saturday to join us, if farm chores and work obligations permit.



Phillips 2

Frank Phillips is very easy to reach but hard to convince. He hasn’t made it back yet, but maybe this year.






Former Faculty Who Might Be There:

K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Sutherlands\scan0324.jpgK:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\Sutherlands\scan0323.jpg


Sorry, We Have No Recent Photos…

Jim Mithoefer lives an hour or so north of Darrow and is thinking seriously about coming to this reunion. He hasn’t made it to previous ones because his job and farm chores have made it hard to get away for a weekend. Jack Loveland lives in southern Maine but has children/grandchildren in upstate NY, and  we’re hoping he can plan a trip for the weekend of the 50th. Ron (Roland) Wright has lived in Saratoga, NY, for many years, is maybe an hour from Darrow, but hasn’t made it back to a reunion yet. However, we haven’t given up on persuading him to make this the first time. Duane Lehmann has lived in New Lebanon —yes, that New Lebanon— for several years now but has yet to make it up the hill for a reunion. Ours will be the party he can’t resist!


For Some Others, It May Take a Minor Miracle…


K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\30th Reunion\scan0215 - Copy.jpg

Bill Gette always is busy in June with field trips for the Audubon Society, and this year is no different. Bill has already said he can’t make it. Kiyo Toh came all the way from Tokyo for our 25th and 30th reunions, but we’ve lost his address, and even Kazu Sohma hasn’t been able to find him. Dick McElroy (no recent photo) has been living on an island in the Indian Ocean for decades, and the odds of our seeing him are slim, but if he has moved back to the States we will track him down and do our best to persuade him.



Bob Willock


Bob and Jane Willock expect to be in Atlanta reunions weekend, for the birth of their 8th grandchild, but if the baby arrives early, they may just head north for our party.



K:\Old Files 9-2-08\My Scans\2005-03 (Mar)\Darrow\40th Reunion\scan0029 - Copy.jpg


Family is what it's all about for John and Marilyn Cavallo, and they will be taking part in a big family wedding in Florida the weekend of our reunion. Maybe we'll see them at the 55th....



Dick Nunley


Dick and Sue Nunley are happily retired in Portland, OR and will be with us in spirit, but Dick says that's an awful long way to drive, and with air travel being what it is these days, we'll most likely need to celebrate without them.



Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Jones\Jones 20001.jpgDescription: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Goff\scan0001.jpg
Former Spanish teacher Bill Goff  declares emphatically, “I don’t do reunions!”  He is 82, feels decades younger, lives in Vermont, and will be hiking and fishing in the Rockies with his son this summer.

Steve Jones, right, who taught math our senior year, will be busy with family stuff on Cape Cod in June, but asks to be remembered to us all.

Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Evans\scan0281 - Copy.jpg
Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Anderson\JPEGs\Larz2 - Copy.jpgPatrick Evans, seen here in London circa 1978, has plans for this summer but hopes next year to have a reunion with his former Latin students.

Larz Anderson, right, with grandchildren last Christmas, is in an assisted living facility in Dallas, and can’t make the trip.


Description: F:\NED'S PHOTOS\Darrow '62\Faculty\Aiken\scan0003.jpg


Bill Aiken has been out of touch for several years, and we’ve been unable to reach him recently. We’d be very surprised to see him.





To see an updated list of who is coming, click here.

Send an e-mail to Ned or Carl, and we will get you on the list!

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